Nilufa Yeasmin, Chairman a

Nilufa Yeasmin 


She is known as aegis of the Group where other can have shed. Her dynamic, energetic and vigorous leadership will fasten the organizational growth.

Md. Ataur Rahman, Deputy Managing Director

Md. Ataur Rahman

Deputy Managing Director

A knowledgeable individual with 27 years of experience in business sector.

Md. Asadullah, Director

Md. Asadullah


With nearly 12 years of experience, he has served in the Metrocem Group in various capacities with distinction.

Md. Shahidullah, Managing Director

Md. Shahidullah

Managing Director

Graduated in Commerce discipline from Chittagong University. He has the business experience of nearly 30 years.

Md. Rakibullah, Deputy Managing Director

Md. Rakibullah

Deputy Managing Director

Graduated from Political Science discipline of Jagannath University, has 15 years of experience.

Md. Rafiq Ullah, Director

Md. Rafiq Ullah


He has completed his MBA in Marketing & HRM from London South Bank University. He has been in the professional sector for more than 7 years.