Metrocem Cement Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company of Metrocem Group, made its debut in Bangladeshi Industrial era way back in 2000 by setting up an 800 MTPD capacity cement plant at Munshigonj in Dhaka Division. The current production capacity is 800 MTPD (Metric Tons/Day). The Production Process of the Metrocem cement is controlled by a latest PLC System. A well equipped, EN Standard laboratory ensures consistency in maintaining quality for cement production in the factory. Hence the term 'Metrocem Cement' has become a name of quality, strength, consistency and durability. To meet the increased demand Metrocem added a new ball mill to its existing production line with production capacity of 1800 MTPD in the year 2016. Now Improved the production capacity is 2600 MTPD.




    In 1988, the founders started their journey by establishing a Trading House of building materials. Their focus was on take advantage of the, then rapid infrastructure development phase of Bangladesh, when the building materials were one of the most essentially needed components for infrastructure development.



    In the year of 2000, the pioneers of the group established cement plant to production and supply the ever-increasing need for cement in development sector. At that time period of lesser number of cement producers in Bangladesh, the founders decided it to be prudent and economically feasible to source cement locally.



    In 2002, as per the MetroCem’s senior management’s vision, the cement plant was fully operational and started to produce cement, which managed to capture significant portion of markets because of the superior quality it accompanied.



    Due to ever-occurring introduction of technological discovery and practices, the cement production did manage to evolve itself while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. To attain these competitive advantages before they become a necessity, MetroCem overhauled and modernized their cement production process at the year of 2005.



    At 2008, MetroCem expanded their operations to tap into the lucrative segment of steel manufacturing industry. Keeping alignment with the business of building materials, as their sister concern MetroCem Cement, MetroCem Ispat Limited was envisioned to perform alike in the steelworks industries.



    In the year of 2009, MetroCem Group decided to start Shipping business. While providing logistical support to their own functions, they found a greater need for the similar kind of support for various other businesses, which resulted into a successful venture in terms of strategic and economic.



    2010 saw the emergence of Eco-friendly Brick manufacturing project by MetroCem Group. Their vision was to manufacture bricks with Fly Ash, Cement to minimizing the adverse environmental effect of the manufacturing process.



    MetroCem Miltech, established at 2015, was MetroCem Group’s great leap towards capturing more market share in building materials sectors. This concern’s function was to provide crane & mega infrastructure equipment.


Quality of Products

Metrocem Cement Ltd. produces best quality, export grade cement maintaining the EN Standards deliverable to any region inside Bangladesh. Both the products are exported to Tripura, India from the year 2017.

Skilled Technical/ Engineering Team

All the products of Metrocem Cement Ltd. are produced under supervision from the most skilled and experienced technical and engineering teams to assure top quality production of OPC and PCC cement.

Usage of Modern and Efficient Technology

Metrocem Cement Ltd. production plants are equipped with all the modern and efficient technologies available in the industry and always willing to adapt to changes in the production materials, equipment etc.

Modern and European Standard Laboratory

For testing raw materials and finished products we are equipped with a up-to- date Laboratory which assures all the European Standards.

Service-ready Delivery System

Metrocem Ltd. owns adequate amount of delivery vehicles always ready to deliver products to the perfect client at the shortest delivery time.

Delivery by Road, River and Bulk Mode:

Prime delivery methods available for delivery to remote places by road, river or in bulk carriers.

Carrying Raw Materials

Raw materials are carried in light weight vehicles owned by Metrocem Cement Ltd. itself.

Power Plant Assures Smooth Production

Metrocem Ltd. possess their own power plants for uninterrupted and smooth production flow.

Raw Material Storage

Separate silos are built for raw materials storing in perfect condition.

Product Silos

Produced products are perfectly stored in the cement silos.

Cement Export:

Metrocem Cement Ltd. exports cement to different regions the world including Tripura, Assam from year 2017.

ISO Certification

Metrocem Cement Ltd. is an ISO certified company which assures the standards of production materials.

A Strong Management

With guidance from a management with an exceptional experience level in the business, the employees are always willing to add-up to the progress of the company as a whole, thus adding up to the overall progress of the cement production in Bangladesh.


Ball Mill Close Circuit

The grinding process is done in close circuit ball mill system which assures quality grinding.

Schrenk Process Weigh Feeder

The production of cement includes Schrenk Process Weigh Feeder

Full PLC system

A programmable logic controller system is integrated into production machineries to ensure regulated input-output of the materials.

FLS Ventomatic Rotary Packer

Production plants are equipped with FLS Ventomatic Rotary Packer for best packaging experience.

Pneumatic Fly-ash Unloading

We are equipped with Pneumatic Fly-ask unloading system which adds up to the production quality.

Modern Barge Loading System

Barge loading is maintained in a very modern system for assuring maximum safety.


Research on Equipment and Machineries

Our Engineering team always focused on researching on newer and technologically advanced equipment's and machineries for achieving more efficient and flawless functioning.

Quality Control

A Q.C team always willing to ensure best quality products in comparatively cheap price.